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Inspire Company Driver Training & Development

Helping you keep your fleet safe and efficient.

Looking for a driver training program for your fleet?

Look no further!

Every 20 minutes someone dies or has a life changing injury on the uk roads. 

We all need a refresher from time to time

Often this refresher comes ‘enforced’ by way of a speed awareness course.

But the best way to get your employees to take road safety seriously is to ensure their knowledge is up to date. 

Inspire Road Safety Solutions do this by re-engaging with your drivers with short-burst E-Learning or on road training ensuring all your company’s drivers road knowledge is 100% up to date.

Working together to change your drivers attitudes we're able to see a reduction in road risk while also saving your company money on ever increasing insurance costs.

The vast majority of vehicles on our roads are passenger cars.

Clocking up the miles is good, but do we really develop and improve, and are we all as safe as we think? Many drivers rarely take any further training unless we make mistake. 

The importance of fleet driver training for cars & light vans.

For most of us the driving test and the Highway Code are very distant memories. We might drive to and for work, but could we have slipped into bad habits?

Could we be safer and more responsible behind the wheel?

One Third of all KSI’s (killed, seriously injured) involve someone driving for work.

Do we get distracted, frustrated, angry, or just plain tired from time to time?

Are we perhaps more of a risk to ourselves, our passengers, other road users and pedestrians than we might actually think?

And annual road death and serious collision statistics are not improving. Insurance and repair costs are rising. Human life is precious.

Whether it’s a business fleet or personal vehicles used for business purposes your organisation has a duty of care and Health & safety legislation to abide by. Every mile driven on the road could present a real risk to your drivers and your business’s reputation.

Our bespoke courses cover a wide range of topics, from theory refreshers, fleet assessments, defensive driving and proper vehicle maintenance. We offer both classroom, zoom and on-the-road training.

Most importantly, our courses are affordable and can be completed whenever fits your schedule. And we can even dual-brand them to fit into your business. 

Contact us today to learn more about our driver training courses and how they can tailored specifically to benefit your company needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course. It was so informative and I think this would be such a good thing for those learning to drive too.


The trainer was super engaging and kept a perfect balance of education and being a human - which is a skill in itself as this is hard to do virtually.

Many thanks


Trainer who delivered the course was brilliant, I never felt patronised or like she was trying to use shock tactics, but it made me second guess my approach to driving


Instructor was informative and open for questions, I learnt and had some good take aways to help me in future




The information given as the instructor was quite knowledgeable and we learned things we were not might be aware of.


Thank you especially to the course provider Steve, he really knew his stuff, and although he was on the ball with those in participation, he was relatable, not over the top and didn't treat us like children in school. So I felt I responded well to this. 


Again I would just like to say thank you for the course, I really appreciate it and will be more mindful for my speed in future, and take the knowledge gained today forward with my driving. 


Hi Steve,

It is a pleasure to go through the session with you. I will remember the word "COAST" for a very long time (rather never want to forget this word). Thanks for your support and making me understand the speed limits and the consequences of not adhering to it.


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