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Part 3 Rescue

Education. Exploration. Solutions.

£45.00 - per hour (Minimum 2 hours) 

Have you received ADI Part 3 training that you are not entirely happy with?

Have you had an attempt at the ADI Part 3 test and not gone your way?

Do you want a second opinion on your readiness for the ADI Part 3 test?

It is easy to feel extremely negative after a setback.

Understanding why you have failed really is the first step to passing you Part 3.

It can be tempting to just want to go for the test and get it over with but rushing into a retest without properly reflecting on your readiness or ensuring that you have done sufficient training and preparation, can easily result in wasting all the work and expense that you have put in to qualifying.

You are only allowed 3 attempts at the ADI Part 3 and a wasted attempt can be extremely costly in the long run.

This is where Inspire Driver Trainings Part 3 Rescue can help you. 

Inspire Driving Instructor Training offers rescue training, for any of these, or similar situations.

Sometimes we need a fresh approach to solve a problem along with a fresh pair of eyes to guide you to a solution.


You also need a trainer you can trust.

All of our training is strictly done on a 1-2-1 basis. There will be no other trainee in the car with you and you only pay for the training you receive. 

Steve’s bio speaks for itself in the driving instructor training industry and is fully qualified to deliver up to date training, client centred training to the highest standard that will allow you to do the same in your Part 3 test. 

We offer all of our new trainee’s an initial assessment session, so our trainers can determine how we can help you successfully pass your ADI Part 3.

ADI Part 3 Rescue: Courses
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