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ADI Part 2 Training

Education. Exploration. Satisfaction.

£45.00 - per hour (Minimum 2 hours)

The ADI Part 2 is a test of your driving ability where you will be expected to demonstrate a very high standard.

The test will take approximately 1 hour and cover the following:

An eyesight check

5 ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions

General driving ability

2 manoeuvres

20 Minutes independent driving

With our training package, you will be more than prepared for this test as it's not just an advanced driving test but assesses your ability to give a demonstration drive to future pupils that sets a good example.

During your part 2 training you will develop a wide variety of skills that will bring your driving up to the required standards for this test.

Together we will ensure that you are of the standard required before your test

ADI Part 2 Training: Courses
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