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Motorway Lessons

Growing Together

£40.00 per hour (min 2 hours) 

Discounts available for advance payments & block bookings 

Gift Vouchers Available On Request



Only very recently have Approved Driving Instructors been allowed

to take Learner Drivers on Motorways before passing their Driving 

Test. Before this Motorway Lessons were something you had to do 

post test and depending on where you learned you might not have 

had easy access to Motorways.

This left many drivers both new and experienced, unsure and a little nervous about driving on Motorways.

Taking a motorway driving lesson with an experienced driving instructor will help you:

  • Be safe

  • Feel confident

  • Make the right decisions

  • Understand the rules & regulations

  • Gain independence to drive anywhere

Inspire driving instructors are based in Sutton, Wallington, Carshalton, Banstead,  Tadworth, Kingswood, Morden, Croydon and West Wickham allowing easy access to the M23, M20, M26, A3 and the famous M25 to help you gain the confidence to go where ever you want, when you want.

Higher driving speeds on motorways and higher volumes of traffic especially during rush hours and in the London area means that you and the surrounding traffic can be travelling much faster than you might be used to.
The decisions you make on Motorways need to be the right ones and need to be carried out quickly and effectively. While statistically there are far fewer crashes on motorways and they are the safest roads in the country. But when crashes do happen the resulting consequences are usually quite serious. Taking some motorway lessons really is the safest and best option

Motorway Lessons: Service
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