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Manual Driving Lessons

Dive Right In

£42.00 PER HOUR

Gift Vouchers Available On Request



Do you…

  • Want to avoid spending more money than you need or want to?

  • Want to pass your driving test with confidence?

  • Want to be a good, safe driver?

Inspire Driver Training can help you achieve all this and more!

Take driving lessons with an experienced, solution focused driving instructor in Sutton, Wallington, Carshalton, Banstead, Tadworth, Kingswood, Morden, Croydon or West Wickham and you will enjoy a relaxed and friendly learning environment with clear and client focused goals set for each and every lesson.

Learn to feel confident with your skills and see your real-life driving ability grow, before hearing that all important phrase, “Congratulations, you’ve passed!”

Inspire Driver Trainers do not get frustrated, do not shout and will never make you feel stupid. Instead our main goal is to create a friendly and relaxed learning environment. One where we consider your needs while providing encouragement and guidance. One where we will help you become a confident and safe driver ready to take on any road and any situation you my encounter during and after your test.

To show our commitment to this, if your instructor does shout, you get a completely 



Inspire driving instructors use a more effective and modern client-centred and coaching approach. This approach means we work together to structure your training and you are encouraged to set your own goals, evaluate your own progress and through safe, experiential learning you will become a more responsible, safe and competent thinking driver. This personal approach can also reduce the number of driving lessons you need.

Inspire driving instructors are based in Sutton, Wallington, Carshalton, Banstead, Tadworth, Kingswood, Morden, Croydon or West Wickham

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