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Changes To Lesson Payments!

As a Driving Instructor, one of my main aims is to make your learning experience as cost effective as possible but I am aware of how costly learning to drive can be....

With this in mind.... I will no longer be offering a discount on just block bookings of 10+ hours...


Going forward, to qualify for exactly the same discount... all you need to do is pay for ONE lesson in advance!!

Whether you choose 1.5 hour or 2 hour lessons... all you would need to do is initially pay for 2 lessons (either 2 x 1.5 hours or 2 x 2 hours) to secure the same discount rate and then continue to pay weekly.

It’s the SAME great discount... but with LESS of an intital lay out from you!!

This EXTRA lesson will stay on your balance until the day of your test where it will be used to either make Test day a bit cheaper...or you can use it for a Motorway lesson... or any other training I can help with! 🙂

Block Booking will now only be available for Gift Voucher purchases.

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