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21st century driver training carries with it a mix of new challenges in an increasingly busy world. Our AWARD WINNING Driving School offers flexible programs, innovative techniques and fresh methodologies for you to learn improve or even return to driving with Inspire. Our 100% client centred approach means you are in control of your learning experience. We also offer specialist support for people with specific needs such as anxiety or driving nerves or even if you just find learning to drive especially challenging. But at the core of our mission, lies our commitment to providing an engaging, respectful and rewarding learning environment.

Around a quarter of UK drivers are anxious or nervous about one or more aspects of driving, from a few minor wobbles about large and busy junctions, through to an almost complete fear of driving.

Steve King at Inspire Driver Training has experienced anxiety and confidence issues himself and is a qualified therapist as well as a qualified Coach in driver development. He uses his unique insight, together with his therapeutic background and coaching skills to work with you and develop effective coping strategies to help you overcome any driving worries you have.

Our unique approach, together with our top quality team and training methods, makes Inspire Driver Training one of the best schools in the South East.

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The TCIT Driving Instructor Training Course

Inspire TCIT online training package with a step by step guide to follow and, each week, build your knowledge and skills towards becoming a driving instructor. Benefit from easy to follow video instructions & resource materials.

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