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Provisional Licence holders only!

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Driving Lessons (per hour)

Whether you are a beginner or have had some driving experience, these lessons are for you. Paying on a lesson in advance basis is a cost effective way to save you money and offers the same discount as block bookings. Click here for more info

2 Hours - £60.00  (£64.00 pay as you go)

1.5 Hours - £45.00  (£48.00 pay as you go)


Motorway Driving Lessons (per hour)

A minimum 3 Hour course including moving to & from A roads to Motorway using slip roads, Changing lanes safely, Service stations & Defensive driving in fast paced environment. For more information click here.

£30.00 (per hour)


Refresher Driving Lessons (per hour)

Designed for those who maybe haven't driven since passing their driving test or haven't driven in a while. This course is tailored around your specific needs.

£30.00 (per hour)


Pass Plus (per hour)

At a minimum of 6 Hours taken in 3x2 hour sessions, this course is designed to help you develop your driving skills to a more advanced level and a Certificate of completion at the end. For more information click here

£30.00 (per hour)


4 Hours (taken in 2x2 hour sessions)

This includes manoeuvres not covered in the driving test and will leave you feeling confident in Bay Parking (forward & reverse) Parallel Park (left & right), Multi Storey, Reverse Left & Right, Turn in the Road. 



4 Hours (taken in 2x2 hour sessions)

Rural roads can be daunting. Statistically they have the highest fatality risk. This course is for you if you would like to gain more confidence on those country lanes. You will learn to understand Hazards specific to Rural Roads, Limit Points & Driving at the appropriate speed, Overtaking safely & driving on rural roads at night (seasonally dependent)



Designed & Tailored for You

A bad result from a driving test can leave you feeling very deflated and maybe even lead to you putting off lessons or a re-test. This course is for you if things just 'Aren't going right' and you don't know why! this course starts with a discussion about your journey this far and then we design a training programme that will work for you.

2 Hours - £60.00  (£64.00 pay as you go)

1.5 Hours - £45.00  (£48.00 pay as you go)


The           Instructor Training Package

The TCIT course is a complete instructor training course covering Part 1, 2 & 3 and is structured to help you become a fully qualified, well rounded driving instructor. You receive all the materials you need including the TCIT workbook manuals, support emails, over 70 hours of webinars and videos, FREE access to Driving Test Success PLUS a resource pack worth over £100.00

Course Deposit & Training Material - £600.00  (non -refundable)

 £40.00 - per hour (Minimum 3 hours)


The           Instructor Training Package

Already done Part 1 & Part 2 and need some help with Part 3? Already tried to become a Driving Instructor and had an unsuccessful Part 3 attempt? The TCIT Part 3 only course can help you prepare or see what was missing.

 You will receive all the materials you need including the TCIT workbook manuals, support emails, webinars and videos PLUS Route 51 - How to Pass you Part 3 (worth £75.00)

Course Deposit - £300.00  (non -refundable)

 £40.00 - per hour (Minimum 3 hours)

You have already taken your first, big step to achieving your goal and getting on the road, now let Inspire Driver Training do the rest! For full information on all our prices and other courses, 

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If you would like more information or to book over the phone, call us on 077 3050 6824 (lines open 9am – 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday) or fill in the contact form.

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