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Become a Driving Instructor with

Inspire Driver Training in South East London, Surrey and Kent.


We deliver training across South East London, Croydon, Sutton and surrounding areas. All Instructor training is provided by Steve King who you can read more about here.


Training someone to be a driving instructor, like simply ‘teaching’ someone to drive by pouring in knowledge and the ‘teach you everything I know’ approach already limits your potential. 


Here’s Why We Are Different...


We provide you with the tools to help you develop and discover your own style and approach to deliver unique, goal focused driver training.


Most driving instructor training will keep you focused on 3 separate tests. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


With Inspire Driver Training and TCIT all three of these are covered holistically meaning your knowledge base is 100% up to date and effective.



The First Question…


What do you want? 


A new career? Independence? More freedom? 


It’s not what being a driving instructor can offer you...


It’s what you can achieve as a qualified driving instructor...


It’s a challenging process and whatever route you choose with us, support does not stop when you pass your Part 3.


Whether you choose to franchise with Inspire or wish to go independent immediately the support does not stop when the money does. 


At Inspire Driver Training we are focused on development, not charging you money and then allowing you to sink or swim.


Inspire Driver Training & The Tri-Coaching Partnership’s TCIT Programme.


There have been huge changes within the driver and driving instructor training industry with huge emphasis on creating ‘thinking drivers’. 


Client Centred Learning (CCL) has become the very backbone of training the new generations of drivers. Sadly though, the Instructor Training industry has lagged behind a little and can be very ‘fault focused’.


The Tri- Coaching Partnership has been leading the way in facilitating change for driving instructors and driving instructor trainers with CPD programmes and qualifications based on modern coaching and CCL methods to ensure that the new generation of instructors are ready to train the next generation of drivers. 


Working together with Tri-Coaching, Inspire Driver Training can offer you the TCIT (Tri-Coaching Instructor Training) Course. A complete course that offers you.


  • A blended course covering Parts 1,2 & 3

  • A structured syllabus based on the DVSA National Standards (link)

  • Weekly or fortnightly sessions with you Inspire trainer.

  • Home based learning so you never feel unprepared.

  • 80 hours plus of multi media content. 

  • 42 hours of solely 1:1 training using a variety of teaching and learning styles

  • And you’ll get the opportunity to sit in the ‘instructor seat’ on day one!


Every potential driving instructor has their own reasons for staring their training and many Instructor Training companies make very grand promises of 40k per year working on the hours you choose. 


This isn’t what we promise because often that promise is a false one.


If you’ve been brave or bored enough to read through Steve King’s bio you will have read that he built Inspire Driver Training from the ground up, solely independent from day 1.


So what we offer is advice based on experience, hard work and then together, we will work with you to design, grow and build the successful business you want.


So what does this mean for you? 


  • A completely free,  no obligation consultation with Steve King.

  • A REAL LIFE understanding of your options based on experience. 

  • FULL support, during and after your training. 

  • Feedback that’s honest and productive.

  • Inspiration, innovation and the most up to date training techniques and approaches. 

  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) 

  • Access and connections to a national and well respected network of Approved Driving Instructors.

  • Further career options beyond learner driver training.

  • Franchise opportunities that feel like family. 



All driving instructors are self employed...


But being a self employed approved driving instructor is not all you are. 


You are a business owner. 


And business owners invest in building and growing their businesses.


The Driving instructor sector can be pretty isolating as you work one to one with pupils and may only mix with other trainers at test centres if at all. Which is we pride ourselves on our friendly approach to support, inspire and encourage.


On-going personal and professional development in every field is key to success and Steve provides that as a qualified coach in Driver development not only to trainee instructors through inspire but also as a registered trainer for The TRI-Coaching partnership delivering their CPD courses on a regional and National level.

Keep reading this page for an in-depth look at the the Qualifying Process and TCIT Programme!

So how do you  get to become a driving instructor?


We offer a product that is 100% unique allowing you to study for all three qualifying exams simultaneously.

  • Part 1 – The theory test. For the theory you have 100 questions spilt into 4 categories each with 25 question and you have achieved 25%.

  • Part 2 – The driving test. Lasts for 60 mins, to pass you require less than 6 driver errors, no serious or dangerous errors.

  • Part 3 – The instructional test. With the product with offer you could have been studying for this whilst doing the other two exams

So what is TCIT?

The TCIT course is simply the best instructor training program on the market. It is fully integrated covering everything you need right from day one until qualifying. TCIT puts you in control of your training and your budget. The cost of the full course starts from as little as £600.00 including the necessary supporting books and online resources. Choosing TCIT also means your training will NOT be held up by waiting for test dates before you can progress through the course!

You will receive:

  • TCIT Record of Progress.

  • TCIT Course Book.

  • The DVSA National Driver & Rider Training Standards.

  • Practical Teaching Skills For Driving Instructors.

  • The Driving Instructors Handbook.

  • The Highway Code.

  • Driving - The Essential Skills. 

  • Know Your Traffic Signs.

  • Driving Test Success Online.


The TCIT course is designed in such a way that you will be able to fit it in with your other commitments. 

You will have full access to the TCIT Course Online Package, which contains links that take you to the webinars that detail what you need to do to prepare for your in-car sessions.


The webinars contain a wealth of information about the 'bigger picture' of being a driving instructor, such as, the Goals for Driver Education, learning theories and models of behavioural change, coaching and client-centred learning techniques and the DVSA National Standards.

You will be able to track and monitor your progress through the in-car sessions with action plans and marking sheets in the (TCIT) driving instructor training course book.

The course will take around six months to complete if you attend one in-car session every two weeks. 

The content of the course has been developed so that you will understand what is involved in becoming a good driving instructor. This insight will then enable you to go and complete the three parts to the qualifying examination. The course focuses on the National Standards from the DVSA and, in particular, the DVSA National Driver and Rider Training Standard, which sets out the competences you will need to demonstrate in order to be a driving instructor.


In the same way as you will be placing a far greater emphasis on safe driving for life than getting through a driving test when teaching your pupils to drive, focusing on developing your skills as a driving instructor rather than teaching you to pass a test. The Part 3 test of instructional ability is notoriously difficult but often this is because all the focus of the training has been narrowly targeted at the ADI Part 3 pre-set test combinations. We focus on a whole breadth and range of skills and techniques and develop your understanding of when to use and apply them, so that when you go for your ADI part 3 test it is like sitting in an interview and showing off your skills. 

There are thirteen modules in the TCIT product. Twelve modules prepare you to become a driving instructor and Module 13 focuses on preparing you to pass the Part 3 test. 

During the In-Car Sessions you will be working with Action Plans and Marking Sheets, completing exercises, and referring to the DVSA National Standards.

Each Module focuses on:

  • Developing your theoretical knowledge and understanding of driver training

  • Developing your practical driving skills in relationship to driver training

  • Developing your training techniques

Each in-car session lasts for 3 hours and  takes one or two of the driver training competences and helps you understand how to address these. There are seventeen driver training competences in the DVSA Standards Check and the Part 3, taken from the DVSA National Driver Training Standard and revolving around:

  • Lesson Planning

  • Risk Management

  • Teaching and Learning Strategies

In-car sessions will develop your understanding of how to adapt the way you teach to suit the ability and needs of the learner driver by looking at Beginner, Partly Trained, Trained pupils and Full Licence Holders (FLH). Having a high level of subject knowledge is important so modules will focus on the various teaching topics you need to be able to deliver. This will also help develop your understanding of how to make the best use of your practice areas.

Trainee Licence
If you wish to take on a Trainee Licence you must have a trainer and you will need to complete 40 hours of training around specific areas with a trainer. Follow this link to the government website to find out more on the conditions to be granted a Trainee License.

The Course covers the mandatory training that needs to be delivered to satisfy the conditions of your trainee licence.

On a Trainee Licence, you will need to cover a further 20 hours of supervision, training, and development. Module 13 of the Course covers this.

The Record of Progress at the front of the Course Book contains a Progress Details form, which will keep a record of the sessions you have completed. Your Trainer will be able to refer to this when completing your declaration to the DVSA for your Trainee Licence.

You can then choose from creating your own business; working with a local driving school or taking out a franchise with us or from one of the big national driving schools. You are in control of your own future and have the possibility of gross earnings being more than £50,000 once you are established (based on a 35-hour week and lesson prices of £35 an hour). There are regional variations, but most driving instructors charge a minimum of £25 per hour and there are a few who charge in excess of £40 per hour.


Becoming a driving instructor will give you the independence that you have always sought whether it is part time or full time.

It starts with a conversation...


I know this might appear like a huge amount of confusing information!

With that in mind I am more than happy to have an informal chat over the phone, over zoom or over a coffee!

Who Can Apply To Become A Driving Instructor:

  • You can apply if you are:

  • At least 21 years old

  • Have held a driving licence for at least 3 years

  • A fit and proper person (no convictions)

You can check on the government website HERE

The Process of Becoming a Driving Instructor:

  • Complete a DBS check to join the register

  • Take training to qualify

  • Take and pass the 3 ADI qualifying tests

  • Your Application Can Be Refused if You Have:

  • Been banned from driving

  • Have 6 or more penalty points

  • Have been convicted of any non-motoring offence

You can find the application form HERE


The qualifying tests

  • Part 1 – Theory and Hazard Perception Test - you have unlimited attempts at this test

  • Part 2 – Test of your Ability to Drive - you will have a maximum of 3 attempts at this test

  • Part 3 – Test of your Ability to Teach - you will have a maximum of 3 attempts at this test

  • From the date you pass part 1, you then have a maximum of 2 years to complete parts 2 and 3.

Trainee Licence

Once you have passed part 1 and 2 and have completed 40 hours of instructor training (at least 10 of which were done in a car and recorded on the ADI 21T declaration form) you will be able to apply for your trainee licence which means you can charge for lessons. The purpose of this licence is to enable you to gain experience with real pupils whilst earning some money. Full support is given during this time, including your trainer sitting in on your lessons.

Options when you apply for a trainee licence

You have 2 options to choose from when you apply for a trainee licence. You must either:

  • be supervised for 20% of all lessons you give while you have your trainee licence

  • do at least 20 hours of extra training while you have your trainee licence

You can only choose one option and you cannot change to the other after you’ve made your decision.

Talk to your sponsoring approved driving instructor (ADI) or training organisation about which option is best for you.

Option 1 - supervision of lessons

In this option you have to be supervised by your sponsoring ADI for 20% of all the lessons you give.

You must keep a record of the number of hours:

  • you give lessons

  • you are supervised

The ADI 21S supervision record form must be signed by both you and your ADI. You must send it to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) when your trainee licence runs out.

Option 2 - extra training

In this option you have to do at least 20 hours of extra training in the topics in the training programme. You must do this before you book the ADI part 3 test.

  • At least 25% of the training must be practical in-car training.

You must send the form to DVSA before the end of the 3 months, or the day after you book your ADI part 3 test, whichever comes first.

Part 1

This is the first test that you will need to take and includes a theory and hazard perception test.

From the day you take this first test, it starts the clock for your 2 year qualification period.

Because we use the very best training package on the market, all of the tools you need are provided for you, including free access to theory test pro, where you can start practicing straight away!

Also integrated into part one are some great study tips to help you learn and retain any new information.

As an experienced driver, this sounds simple enough but passing this exam is required  to be able to demonstrate that you have enough knowledge to answer pupil questions during lessons.

Once you're consistently passing mock tests and you feel confident that you are answering correctly and you are comfortable with the hazard perception test, you can take the exam, which costs £81

Learn More

Part 2

This is a test of your driving ability where you will be expected to demonstrate a very high standard.

The test will take approximately 1 hour and cover the following:

An eyesight check

5 ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions

General driving ability

2 manoeuvres

20 Minutes independent driving

With our training package, you will be more than prepared for this test as it's not just an advanced driving test but assesses your ability to give a demonstration drive to future pupils that sets a good example.

During your part 2 training you will develop a wide variety of skills that will bring your driving up to the required standards for this test.

Your trainer will ensure that you are of the standard required before your test, which costs £111

Learn More

Part 3

This is the final stage in your qualifying process.

You will need to teach according to the 17 competencies which were written to fall in line with the 'National Standards for Driver and Rider Training'.

Your  trainer will be there to support you so that you  feel confident in your ability  to teach safely before you go on your trainee licence(recommended).

If you decide you don't want to go on a trainee licence, you can still teach friends and family but you will not be able to charge money for this.

Once you are ready you will take your test. During the test you will be expected to conduct a lesson with a pupil, which is observed by an examiner, who sits in the back.

You will feel well prepared for this as you will be used to your trainer being there during your training and observations.

The test costs £111

Learn More

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Driving Lesson

You have already taken your first, big step to achieving your goal and getting on the road, now let Inspire Driver Training do the rest! For full information on all our prices and other courses, click here.


If you would like more information or to book over the phone, call us on 077 3050 6824 (lines open 9am – 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday) or fill in the contact form.

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